Seasoned data-driven executive with pattern of success in large businesses and start-up companies.  Digital Marketing Leader and Visionary with a progressive background in the strategy and execution of omni-channel programs and campaigns for global and national brands.

Focused on implementing marketing technologies that generate revenue with significant experience with businesses of all sizes, from small business to the billion dollar global brand. Warren is an accomplished and highly motivated executive who draws upon insightful experiences from his successful career in Corporate America . He provides powerful business vision through his ability to strategically convert complex business issues into manageable tactical plans.
A high energy, results-driven, innovative leader with demonstrated world class interactive marketing skills, I have the unique ability to provide visionary solutions that have a dramatic impact on the longevity, as well as bottom line results of a given program.  Skills include:

- Digital Marketing
- Content Marketing

- Inbound Marketing
- Inside Sales leadership

- Product Marketing
· Social Media Expertise
. Strong Relationship Management Skills
· Extensive e-commerce experience
· Campaign Management (online/offline)
· Strong analytical/strategic skills
· Experience with broad range of digital marketing techniques and strategies
· Staff Development

Specialties: B2B, B2C, 
content marketing, marketing strategy, branding, Social media, listening, digital marketing, relationship marketing, management, sales leadership, SAAS, social media monitoring, online strategy, campaign management, Word of Mouth, e-commerce, digital marketing and promotion, advertising, search marketing.

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